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Welcome! I'm Ricardo Leija
Robotics and Digital Systems Engineer

About me

My name is Ricardo Ariel Leija Rodríguez, I'm a mexican engineer with a B.S. in Robotics and Digital Systems from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM).

I have a strong interest in computer science/robotics related subjects. I'm fascinated by the history of computing and tech and how it has evolved in such a short time. Interested in aerospace, automotive, microchip manufacturing, robotics, tech industries.

Also interested in the aerospace industry, and I'm learning new things about it everyday.


Soft Skills

·Leadership and management for small & medium sized teams
·Patience and persistence
·Fast learner
·Problem solving
·Effective communication

Technical Skills

Operating Systems

· Proficient in managing diverse operating systems including Linux, WSL2, Windows XP, 10 & 11, and Mac OS.

Full Stack Development

· Experience with React 18, Typescript, JavaScript, and Bootstrap 5 for creating dynamic and responsive web applications.
· Skillful in REST API development using ExpressJS and FastAPI, with strong foundations in HTML5, CSS3, and MySQL.


· Proficient in project management tools Jira & Confluence, and code editing with VSCode.
· Experienced in version control with Git & GitHub, continuous integration and testing with Jenkins and a bit of data analysis using Tableau.


· Strong proficiency in Firmware Quality Assurance.
· Automation testing expertise with Pytest for firmware and continuous integration with Jenkins.
· Over 4 years of Python experience across various applications including OOP.
· Good knowledge of data structures and algorithms.
· Skilled in general-purpose programming with C++ including OOP.
· Bash/shell scripting

Embedded Systems

· Hands-on experience with ROS Melodic, STM32, NXP, Arduino, and NodeMCU development boards.
Proficient in C for embedded systems, working with communication protocols such as CAN, I2C, SPI, UART, etc.

Networking Protocols

· Solid understanding of networking protocols including hands-on experience with Cisco Packet Tracer for simulating and troubleshooting various network scenarios.

Data Analysis

· Experienced in Matlab for numerical computing.
· Some experience using R for big data analysis.


Work Experience


Remote, Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

Sep 2023 - Present

Principal Engineer

· Manage the development and QA teams

· Web apps development for businesses

· Code reviewer of the whole company codebase

· Helping with the development of a new hardware product in different areas (defining the right embedded systems and sensors, software architecture, mechanical requirements, electrical requirements, interfacing).

Tesla Inc.

On-site, Palo Alto, California, USA

Oct 2022 - Aug 2023

Wireless Connectivity Software QA and Automation Egineering Intern

· Firmware QA/Validation for WiFi, Bluetooth and Cellular systems for new product developments and already existing platforms.

· In car testing across most of the software release life cycle (FC, RC, Prod releases) to validate new firmware versions and specific dev changes.

· Test automation framework stability & reliability improvements.

· Made improvements to tests in all the different technologies (WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular) across different platforms.

· Test development for functional, regression, stress and performance testing.

· Developed automation libraries for internal usage.

· Saved ~6,000 minutes of engineering time with my developments in automation.


Remote, Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

Jan 2023 - Jun 2023

Full stack developer

· Fixed issues and made improvements front & backendwise on the organization’s air quality website of the state of Nuevo León.

· Code reviewer of the team members PR’s on the GitHub organization.


Remote, Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

Jun 2021 - Jul 2021

Frontend Developer

· Redesigned several webpages and created one from scratch with the strategic guidance provided by the UI/UX designer using HTML and CSS and a bit of JS.

· Developed a burger menu for the mobile version of one web page.

· Designed from scratch a webpage for payments.

· Redesigned the mobile version of a congress of the company's web page.


On-site, Saltillo, Coahuila, México

Mar 2019 - Jun 2019


· CNC programming with Mastercam X5 for precision machining of steel components.

· Learned how the company operates and does business.

Kumon México

On-site, Saltillo, Coahuila, México

May 2017 - Aug 2017


· Reviewer for the students assignments.

· Teacher in the area of advanced levels of Mathematics.


Fullstack website

As a personal challenge I created a fullstack website for an automotive service business I'm starting, I used React 18.2 with Typescript for the frontend, nodeJS for the backend (used express for the API development) and MySQL as the database.

Autonomous Vehicle

As my Intelligent Robotics project, I developed with my team an autonomous vehicle using a Puzzlebot with computer vision using the Manchester Robotics Puzzlebot kit, we used a NVIDIA Jetson Nano with ROS, OpenCV for computer vision and darknet for traffic signal detection.

xArm 6 Pick and Place

As my fundamentals of robotics project, me and my team developed a pick and place simulation with the xArm 6 using ROS melodic with MoveIt for the movement planning and Gazebo for the physics simulation of the robotic arm. The robot grabs a cube and places it in its box.

Smart Air Pressure Control

As my advanced embedded systems design project, me and my team developed a pressure controller for the wheels of a tractor for our training partner John Deere, using a STM32H745 and a nodeMCU connected with a CAN bus and other communication protocols and for the air pump its respective power phase.

3D printer temperature controller

As my control systems analysis project, me and my team developed a temperature controller for an extruder using Arduino and PID control and a power phase for the extruder's power supply.

Voice processing & analysis

As my signal and systems analysis project, me and my team developed a script on Matlab to differentiate the voices of different people saying the same sentence.

Washing machine

As my introduction to embedded systems project, I developed the basic functionalities of a washing machine with IoT functionality (remote controlling through WiFi) using an NXP development board.

IoT project

For my IoT Implementation project, me and my team developed the base design of a security system for a house door, with distance detection, movement detection and an MQTT connection to send messages of the status of the sensors.

More projects

Coming soon...


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Aerospace industry
2 / 5
Deeply interested on SpaceX's Starship development
3 / 5
Fabrication of semiconductors and silicon related industry
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Automotive Industry